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Embed the Fred

Things are afoot at the Circle K, or should I say Boogervampireland.

I'm really excited and proud to announce that I've bitten the bullet and submitted my film "The Flying Purple People Eater" to Channel Frederator and it has made it's official debut in Episode 95.

This is quite honestly a huge thing for me, as I had pretty much thought that my film wouldn't be seen aside from my own YouTube Page. And to make things "even more better", I've also been lucky enough to be interviewed about my film.

It's, once again, one of the most exciting things for me EVER.

ALSO, the Ninja Show has come and gone. The guitar turned out better than Carlos and I could have imagined. You can check it out over on the blog or over at the Gallery.

Not Dead, Just Busy

As usual, when juggling personal work and professional work, professional always wins. As such, your dear old Boogervampire has been busy burnin' the midnight oil over at the exponentially growing Neopets website. The site is in the middle of revamping it's self and I've volunteered myself to be thrown smack dab into the middle of the whole mess.

The last few months have been completely insane with creating a more interactive site for the users and in the next few months there's more crazy changes in the works.

Quite honestly it's one of the most exciting feelings to be part of a company that's growing and being in close to the ground floor and watching it happen.

In other news, Myself and my partner, Carlos MF, have been invited to create a custom guitar for the upcoming Ninja Show 2 at Gallery Nucleus in August. We finished our first guitar a few months ago and are super excited to have an opportunity to start getting the work out into the open. Don't worry, the'll be more on that subject closer to the date.

And in closing, coming shortly, hopefully with in the next two months, the contact page will be getting another make-over. I happened to come across a blog that was talking about portfolio websites and the do's and do not's of putting one together and realized that the contact page could do with a bio and probably a link to my resume. In addition to that, the links included on the bottom of the contact page will be getting a spiffy page all to themselves. Of course, how quickly that's uploaded will all depend on how much time I get outside of the old salt mill.

Upcoming Gallery Shows

Recently, amid all the craziness at work, I've been working on two pieces for the upcoming Power in Numbers 2 Show at Gallery Nucleus.

Last year I was very greatful that my piece sold. I was very happy to have the opportunity to donate the proceeds to the Red Cross and the Hurricane Katrina victims, and although there is still funds needed for both of those foundations, this year I'm happy to be able to donate any of my PIN 2 earnings to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Not only will I have the opportunity to donate my share of the money my piece will recieve if sold, but the gallery will also be donating 20% of all proceeds to the foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

Head on over to the Gallery Section to get a preview of the two pieces I will be having up at the show on May 19th (2007) and be sure to click the Show flyer above to be directly linked to Gallery for more information on the event.

Also, this one's a little too late, but proudly worth mentioning. On April 14th, 2007 I was fortunate enough to be a part of ISM Magazine's impromptu April Gallery event titled "Friends of ISM". Unfortunately, since Neopets has had me running in circles lately I wasn't able to create something new, BUT I was finally able to give one of my favorite paintings a proper exhibition. Gummies (the painting with the terrified gummie bears) over in the Gallery Section had it's debut somewhere other than a dank bar in Hollywood.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more from the Crypt of the Boogervampire in the near future!


"After These Messages. . ." @ Gallery Nucleus

February 10th, 2007 thru March 6th, 2007

Recently, much to my delight and surprise "After These Messages. . ." was featured on three very noteable animation/art websites, as well as one designer toy website.

You can check out the write ups on the show over on Drawn!, Cartoon Brew, Channel Frederator, and Vinyl Pulse.

On a very nerdy side note, I'm highly honored, flattered, and just down right excited to have had my name dropped on Drawn!, Channel Frederator, and Vinyl Pulse. To all the new visitors my site has recieved over the last couple of days, thanks so much for stopping by and checking out a new name you may have seen linked on those sites.

In other news, my piece from "After These Messages. . ." can now be viewed over in the Gallery Shows section. Just look for a very happy little "Slimer" and you'll know you've found it.

Also, a commissioned piece I've been working on FOREVER is finally done and up on the site over in the Portfolio section. If you've ever wondered what would happen if a bunch of bugs went to the movies it might just look like it.

Gallery Show Announcment

"After These Messages. . ." @ Gallery Nucleus

February 10th, 2007 thru March 6th, 2007

Saturday, February 10th at 7pm is the opening night of "After These Messages. . ." the most recent group exhibition being held at Gallery Nucleus and your's truly has had a hand in assisting with the organization of the event.

I'm really excited to see the completed artwork contributed to the show by all the great artists involved in the event. So if you're in the neighborhood, come on by for some fun artwork and some Fruit Loops.

OH YEA! Also check out my latest creation, "Inside Specially Marked Boxes". It will be unveiled February 10th, along with all the other pieces. It will also be available for purchase online, as well as at the gallery, until the 6th of March. Below is a small sample.

New Painting Up!!

First off I'd like to give a big thanks to all the people who were in the test group for the site's new layout. I truly appreciated all of your great feedback and made revisions based on them and hope it's easier to read and clearer to navigate.

Secondly, I've posted one of the new paintings I was able to finish over the Christmas Holiday. It's actually a piece that's been floating around in my head now for about 6 months and I was very excited to get it out onto paper. One of my many New Year's Resolutions is to not let ideas float around inside my brain for as long as they normally do.

I was actually able to complete a second painting, one that I'd been working on for about a year, but the picture quality is so horrible (because the size is too big and I can't scan it) that I don't feel comfortable posting it here on the site. So please feel free to check it out on the blog.

The New Year Brings A New Look!

Well as anyone who personally knows me already knows, I'm a perfectionist by nature. If I don't think something's JUST PERFECT, I pretty much freak out and work on it until I'm 100% happy with it. And I'm proud and happy to say at this point, this is the best I've gotten this damn site to look.

As you look around the new site you'll notice a complete and total overhaul, which I'd like to thank in part to Penelope Illustration's Black and Orange Gallery. The layout and everything were so appealing that I took it as inspiration for my own site and learned what I could from it and other site's that had things I liked. I must say that it makes page navigation far easier than I could have ever hoped for and hope that all future viewers appreciate the new look as well.

There are a few new drawings up in the portfolio section, and if you've visited previously, you'll notice I combined that all in to one section now. I do also have my sophmore film up on the site in the "no longer hidden" Student Film section.

Also, in the newly revised Contact section, be sure to notice the new links under Contacting the Boogervampire. You'll notice I've not only made my blog public again, but that I've also unwillingly joined the Myspace Community as well as starting my own YouTube Channel. So now you can get your fill of all the Boogervampire-y goodness you're little hearts can take.

I do sincerely hope you all enjoy the new look as much as I've enjoyed creating it and watching it come to life.

But most of all Happy New Year!!