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"Just Desserts" @ Monkeyhouse Toys

Well another wonderfully fantastic show over at Monkeyhouse Toys has come and gone. This one I had the pleasure of curating in conjunction with the shop owner, Mayra.

The show opening took place Saturday, May 19th, 2012 and featured over 50 artists, including myself. It was a crowded but fun evening with Creme Caramel LA on hand with a pop up booth selling Bread Pudding and Flan. Super tasty!

As usual, you can now check out my piece from the show over in the paintings section. You can either click here or click the preview image above to go directly to the paintings gallery.

This piece is a little more exciting to me than previous paintings as I was finally able to combine both my "Little Monster" world with my "Devious Desserts" world. I also got to create, or adapt, two new characters into the "Little Monster" world. Freddy (Frankenstein) is now the resident mad scientist, and of course, his side kick Igor is around to help him with his diabolical experiments. Please feel free, as I said before, to check them out over in the painting gallery, or to check out the "Just Desserts" online gallery over at Monkeyhouse Toys website.

Mini Site Re-vamp

Greetings Boils and Ghouls! Just thought I'd pop in real quick to announce that a long over due, but small, site revamp has been completed.

I decided to eliminate the Links section and recombine the Portfolio and Paintings section into one category. I've also moved all navigation buttons to the top where they will no doubt be easier to locate. Also added are quick link buttons to the Boogervampire's Facebook Fan Page, Blogger Blog (a.k.a. The Continuing Adventures of The Boogervampire) and my newly launched, but rarely used Tumblr.

As always, please feel free to look around and until the next time, stay spook-tacular!

Dragon Tails @ Monkeyhouse Toys

Yay! 2012 has brought a couple of group shows my way, and Dragon Tails is the second of three on the plate for this year.

Dragon Tails opened on Saint Patrick's Day weekend to a pretty decent turn out, and to my pleasant surprise, my piece "Hi George!" was sold before I got to the opening. I sincerly hope that his new owners love him and that he appreciates his new home.

As usual, you can check out all of "Hi George!" over in the Portfolio & Paintings section, or by clicking on the preview image up above.

Coming up in May will be another group show at Monkehouse Toys in Silverlake, CA. Only, unlike the other show's I've participated in, this will be the first show in 6 years that I've curated. So far we've got a very diverse group of artists lined up to participate. So if you're in the area please feel free to stop by for the opening reception Saturday, May 19th (2012).

That's it for this month's update. Check back in May for more Just Desserts updates (even if it's just my painting being added to the portfolio section.

Until the next time!

Painting Section Re-Vamp

Greetings and salutations all! It's that time again, time for yet another update.

Since the last update, I've been fortunate enough to be in a couple more shows over at "Monkeyhouse Toys" in Silverlake, CA. The most recent one is still currently running until March 11th, 2012 and is entitled the "Tentacle Love Show". Just click on the image below and you'll be wisked away to the newly revamped "Paintings" section and take a look at "Tea for Two"!

Back in October, also over at Monkeyhouse Toys, I was asked to participate in a Halloween themed show! Obviously this was right up my alley and I turned in a piece entitled "Pumpkin Part". You can also check this painting out over in the Paintings section, or by clicking on the preview image below.

And, lastly, I've taken down many of the older paintings in the painting section. Some of them were starting to creep up on being nearly a decade old. I'll be replacing some of them in time, but for now check out two of my new mini paintings I've added. Deep sea animals are always so interesting, don't you think?

As usual, please feel free to check out more of my doodles and such over on the Facebook Fan page or over at the Bloggy Blog!

Until the next time!