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"80's Playtime!" Show @ Monkeyhouse Toys

Holy Toledo, Websters! Only a month's gone by and another news update!

August 1st, at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake, CA, is the opening of a small group show entitled 80's Playtime! curated by Toys From Saturn. I have a small piece in the show, which you can also check out here in the Gallery Shows Section.

Only one more month before I return to the "land of the lost", other wise known as South Park, but before that time, I've got 4 more gallery shows to prepare for. Look for updates on my pieces for Sweet Streets @ Gallery Nucleus and a Dr. Seuss Tribute Show @ Monkeyhouse Toys towards the end of August!

"Golden Age of Heroes" Show in Philly

Greetings everyone, hope your year is treating you well. The Boogervampire here for a little mid-year update.

It's last minute, but anyone who stumbles upon this in time for the month of July and happens to be in, or around, Philedelphia, PA should go stop by Brave New Worlds and check out their little gallery show entitled "Golden Age of Heroes. It's being put on by the nice people of The Autumn Society and they were nice enough to let me send my painting in last minute.

I'm super excited and honoured to be a part of their exhibition. I've never had an opportunity to show my work outside of the small Los Angeles gallery circuit I've been lucky enough to stumble into. So breaking out of LA and knowing my work is on the other side of the United States for others to see is exciting!

If you're not in the area, you can of course check out my piece here at in the Gallery Show section.

Seriously, I'm beyond greatful to the The Autumn Society for letting me be a part of their show and letting me submit so last minute!

In the timeless words of one of my favorite freaks in the business, "until next time. . . unpleasent dreams!!"

"The Crypt of DOOM!! Now Open

Happy belated New Year everyone, the Boogervampire here wishing you the best and hoping all is well in your parts of the world.

2008 turned out to be a far more eventful year than I could have imagined, but all the events were basically involving work and my personal life so I didn't get to spend nearly as much time as I wanted to being creative. But as you can see I'm trying to remedy that right at the get go of 2009.

Over a year ago I started conceptualizing an online shop for people to purchase my little boogers if they so desired, and now I'm proud to say that day has finally come to fruition!

Thanks to the wonderful webcommunity of Etsy, I was able to open my little Crypt of Doom!! There isn't a whole lot in there right now, but my hopes are to randomly fill it with paintings, aprons, and an occasional piece of jewelry or two when ever I feel possessed to do so.

So once again, happy 2009 and please feel free to head over to The Crypt and take a look!