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Birds of a Feather Chairty Auction

Greetings y'all! The time has come for another Boogervampire News Update!!

Coming up on Saturday, June 12th, 2010, there will be a chairity raffle/auction taking place at the Old Zoo, in Griffith Park (located here in Los Angeles, CA). The auction will be part of an all day festival sponsored by The Children's Nature Institute.

The request made by Mayra (from Monkeyhouse Toys), who is coordinating this lovely auction/raffle was that the pieces be bird themed, hence the "Birds of a Feather" title for the event.

Believe me, I had quite a few ideas. At one point I even had a Vulture Tea Party in the works. . . but when friends and family saw the little owl in my sketch book and insisted I paint that idea, I listened. So now you have "Kiss the Cook" for your viewing pleasure. To see the whole painting, check out the Paintings Page.

If your in the Los Angeles area and have nothing better to do on the 12th of June, come on by! Admission is $15 per adult and $5 per child. All proceeds go to the Children's Nature Institute, which you can learn more about HERE.

That wraps up another Cryptastic update for now, my little ghoulies and grimlies. . . Til next time!

Site Revisions Finally Complete!!

Once upon a time, a million years ago, a lazy little Boogervampire started revisions to her website. . . although they weren't grand revisions they seemed to take the Boogervampire forever to do.

The Boogervampire had greatly neglected her beloved website. She had out dated artwork graceing her websites pages, most importantly her portfolio section. Six year old images that didn't show how truly AWESOME the Boogervampire has become.

So, one fine, sunny day in May, the Boogervampire got up off her LAZY BUTT and finally did something about it. And this dear friends, is what you now have to set your eyes upon.

Okay, enough cheesey story telling. . .

The site has had a few small alterations. I've been concocting something grander than myself for the site for a couple years now, and hopefully I'll be able to see it up and running by the end of this year. But for now you'll notice a Shop Button. I opened an Etsy account about a year ago, and it's here in The Crypt of Doom that you'll be able to find some of my available art work and crafts.

The Portfolio Section has been updated, as so the story told. Had some stuff in there from college, and I've grown since then and felt like it wasn't an accurate representation of what I can do. I also got rid of the employment section and combined those images into the Portfolio Section.

The gallery show section has been replaced by the Painting Section. It just helped me organize my paintings better, and cut down on some unnecessary extra work.

There is now a Links Page, and I added a Bio and Resume to the Contact Page. The resume is still a work in progress, of course, but it is current.

I've also added a News Archive, organized by year, so if for some reason you would like to reread any of my previous ramblings, you may do so at your lesiure.

That's all for now, my little ghoulies and grimlies. . .